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Private meeting with the German Chancellor

EnorChile was invited to participate, as one of the four key players invited by the organizers, to hold a private conversation with President Aleman, thus representing the non-conventional renewable energy and storage industry in Chile.

The activity, organized by the German Embassy in Chile, the Business Council Chile and the German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce AHK Chile, brought together the main representatives of the country's most important economic sectors, headed by the top leaders of SOFOFA.

During the meeting, a private conversation space was scheduled, especially to discuss renewable energy and climate change issues. Pablo Caerols, general manager of EnorChile, was invited to participate along with Ana Lía Rojas, Executive Director of ACERA; María Teresa González, CEO of Statkraft Chile and President of Generadoras de Chile; and Constanza Levican, CEO of the predictive artificial intelligence start-up SunCast. The purpose of the conversation was to publicize the opportunities and challenges of collaboration between the two nations in terms of the transformation of their energy systems and the promotion of renewable energy and storage.

Pablo Caerols, stated that “it is a very powerful sign that, within his very tight schedule, the president of one of the most influential countries worldwide has met with the main representatives of our sector. This undoubtedly confirms the relevance and contributions that we are making”.

Chile and Germany are important producers of renewable energies, but they continue to depend to a large extent on the import of fossil fuels on a large scale, which entails axes and challenges to facilitate and promote the energy transition.

The visit of the German chancellor also considered the closing of a bilateral cooperation agreement in energy matters with President Gabriel Boric, whose purpose is to promote the cooperation agenda in matters of clean energy and climate change of Germany and Chile; which includes the implementation of the national strategy for the development of the green hydrogen industry, the challenges of decarbonization and adaptation to climate change.


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