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Asse Managemnt

Asset Management of Power Generation Plants

We carry out the complete management of generation plants, including photovoltaic, wind, biogas and thermal solar plants, carrying out commercial management, preventive and corrective maintenance, remote and on-site operation of the facilities, maintaining the interrelation with the client and the Electric System. National

Cento de Control
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The Control Center for Power Plants

We deliver the Control Center service to coordinated assets in the National Electric System, complying with a series of safety and quality standards that allow its continuous operation. We are backed by more than 4000 MW of coordinated power from our facilities, making us the largest independent control center in the country.

Administracion comercial

Aerial Thermography with Drone and IV Curve Measurement for Solar Plants

We carry out thermal inspections of the electrical components of photovoltaic plants, analyzing and evaluating the inverters, transformers, junction boxes and solar panels, and in turn the Curve IV is drawn, obtaining the current, voltage and power curves by performing an analysis of the state of the assets, through comparison with the manufacturer specifications and the history of the plant.

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Operation and Maintenance of Electric Line and Substations

EnorChile performs the service of remote and local operation, preventive and corrective maintenance, and attention to failures of substations and high voltage lines, with a maintenance plan that includes: Field inspections, manual and drone thermographic inspections, inspections and monitoring of grounding, washing of insulators.

Pronostico d genercon
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Generation Forecast NCRE EnorChile

Thanks to the use of ML (Machine Learning), this system manages to more accurately project the generation forecast of renewable power plants and energy demand. The foregoing is used for the correct and optimal dispatch of the plants of the national electricity system, by providing information regarding the future generation of NCRE plants that tend to generate in a variable manner, depending on the availability of their primary resource and in most of them do not have generation regulation capacity.

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