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EnorChile launches Emmonite new software for the electrical industry

The platform makes it possible to deliver relevant information on energy assets in real time, generating predictive models for decision-making at the executive level in a single click.

With the presence of trade union authorities and different officials from the electricity and banking sectors, EnorChile launched Emmonite, its most recent technological development that seeks to provide complete information in real time to renewable energy companies.

Emmonite allows to deliver relevant information on energy assets in real time, generating predictive models for decision-making from the executive level, with just one click. “We are very happy to be launching Emmonite today, we have been working on this software for about 8 months, however, our first steps on it started two years ago. We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive knowledge of the energy sector, programming and artificial intelligence, a perfect match to achieve its development”, said Pablo Caerols, General Manager of EnorChile.

The web platform consolidates commercial management information, includes a dashboard of power plants, income, expenses, payment information, including the forecast of demand in the National Electric System, as well as the measurement of ERNC discharge levels.

“Emmonite has the ability to gather, process and report information from different software in real time; in addition to generating predictive models, which allows speeding up the process and favoring adequate decision-making, since it delivers the demand forecast for the complete system, even by substation and with very good precision”, indicated the executive.

Juan Carlos Olmedo, president of the National Electricity Coordinator, was also present during the launch, where he considered that "it is valuable that there are companies that carry out technological developments that allow companies that operate the electric system to make better decisions and monitor the performance of their assets ”.

During the activity, Jaime Toledo, president of the Chilean Association of Renewable Energies and Storage (Acera A.G.) expressed that "it seems fantastic to me that technologies and tools are being developed that allow progress in traceability and in how we record and see the operation of the renewable plants. It is excellent news that this type of technology is being developed in Chile and with Chilean engineers, thus generating new knowledge that will allow us to advance in the energy transition of our country”.

During the conference, Ana Lía Rojas, executive director of Acera A.G., took a look at the annual balance, highlighting that 2022 was a record year for NCREs, with a 33% share in the generation of electricity, increasing 6 percentage points compared to the previous year; and NCRE installed capacity reached 13,781 MW, constituting 41.3% of the country's installed capacity.



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