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Nathalie Valdebenito from EnorChile was recognized as ACERA 2023 Outstanding Woman

Within the framework of the commemoration of International Women's Day, the Chilean Association of Renewable Energies and Storage (Acera A.G.) held the first award ceremony of the "Outstanding Woman Acera 2023", where EnorChile's People Manager, Nathalie Valdebenito, was recognized with this distinction.

In the instance, women from companies in the renewable energy industry were highlighted for their professional careers, with high impact in the industry and as an example of development for women in the energy sector.

For this recognition, Acera called for the application of women within the 150 member companies of the union, receiving 14 applications. These were evaluated by a committee made up of members of the association, its staff and the Office of Gender and Human Rights of the Ministry of Energy, based on a guideline of criteria to evaluate the trajectory and incidence of the profiles in the discussions at the within the energy category.

The recognition of the "Outstanding Woman Sidewalk 2023" went to two prominent profiles in the renewable sector: Patricia Darez, partner and director of Vector Renewables and 350renewables, and María Inés Jiménez, manager of development agreements for Mainstream Renewable Power Chile. The other nominees for the distinction were: Carolina Aros, from Innergex; Ana María Correa, from ISA Interchile; Rossana Gaete, from AES Corporation; Laurie Kelly, from Grupo Cerro; Giselle Morales, from CarbonFree; Susana Morales, from Atlas Renewable Energy; Carolina Rojas, from Grenergy; Nathalie Valdebenito, from EnorChile; Fernanda Varela, from the Pollux Agency; Aidana Velasquez, from Enlight; Ana Luisa Vergara, from Colbún, and Silvia Zumarraga, from Wärtsilä.


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