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Pablo Caerols, General Manager of EnorChile is re-elected as director of Acera AG

The focus of the Assembly was on the renewal of six Directors who were ending their term. There were 13 people who applied for the Council, representatives of member companies of various sizes, and from different areas of the value chain of the renewable sector, which highlights one of the most important characteristics of our organization.

Finally, the partners present decided to renew Manuel Tagle (Mainstream), Alejandro McDonough (Wärtsilä), and Pablo Caerols (EnorChile). In addition, they elected Matías Steinacker (Ciudad Luz), José Miguel Bustamante (Carey), and Fernando Flatow (Grupo Cerro), to join as new ACERA Directors.

In the next Council/Board of Directors, to be held in mid-November, the vacancies available in the ACERA Directory will be updated after the arrival of the new Directors, as well as the election of the new President of the Association.


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