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October 2022 presents the cleanest energy matrix of the last 12 years

The portal provides detailed information on the generation of CO2 emissions in Chile.

With an emissions factor close to 188 kgCO2e/MWh, the month that just passed has become one of the lowest in the last twelve years in the country, since the National Energy Commission (CNE) has kept records. These data were obtained thanks to the platform created by the company EnorChile where the generation of CO2 emissions can be seen graphically and intuitively, depending on the type of energy matrix.

The public access portal is based on data from the National Electrical Coordinator and the reference emission factors of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Pablo Caerols, general manager of EnorChile, explains that "the decrease in the factor is mainly due to the greater participation of hydroelectric and solar generators, compared to the same month last year (+13.5% and +2.9%) , and the decrease in natural gas and coal generation. This trend repeats itself when compared to the average matrix of recent years and gives us an idea of ​​why October was a particularly cleaner month,” the executive said.

Regarding the beginning of the year to date, Caerols specifies that "an increase in demand of 2.3% is observed in relation to that of 2021 in the same period. October presents a decrease of 20.1% in its emissions factor compared to last month, and a decrease of 39.6% compared to the same month of the previous period”.

The platform, which provides detailed information on all the generators that exist today in the national energy matrix, allows you to see the emissions of a single company or all of them, you can even distinguish the hours in which there are fewer or more emissions. In addition, the system stores the data and allows comparisons to be made with the previous month and year.


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