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Innovation: EnorChile’s Generation Forecasting System wins «Premios AHK Chile»

Artificial Intelligence

For over 25 years, AHK Chile has awarded companies in many categories for the implementation of different practices, technologies, and strategic solutions in benefit to the nation.

AHK Chile has awarded EnorChile along with ten other startups, small, medium, and large companies for measurable improvements via developments and implementations during 2021, shown to provide benefits to the companies themselves, their collaborators and their environment.

AHK’s General Manager, Cornelia Sonnenberg, has stated that from the 580 affiliated companies, the goal was to reward the contribution to the country’s development through knowledge, technology and first line solutions. In addition, these instances provide the opportunity for our associates to share and exchange ideas as well as fortifying the relations between Chile and Germany in an increasingly challenging world.

En "Innovación y Desarrollo Tecnológico" se destacó a EnorChile por su plataforma de pronóstico de generación de energía, que en base a cálculos de Machine Learning e Inteligencia Artificial que entrega pronósticos más acertados de demanda y generación de energía eléctrica. Andrés Cardoen, director ejecutivo del Grupo Empresas Cardoen, destacó a AHK Chile por "ser una ventana de intercambio con Alemania, con empresas que están liderando tecnologías".

In “Innovation & Technological Developments”, EnorChile stands out for their energy generation forecast platform by using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to accurately predict both electric generation and demand. Andrés Cardoen, Executive Director of Grupo Empresas Cardoen, highlights AHK Chile as a window for mutual exchange between Germany and companies with leading technologies.

During the ceremony, Andrés Cardoen, Director of EnorChile, expressed how proud the company is of receiving these recognitions since it has always been the company’s mission to provide the best for our clients by reinforcing the services provided to them, emphasizing the innovative nature of EnorChile’s highly professional team that gives 100% in every project.

Por su parte, Víctor Ide, presidente de la asociación gremial con 106 años de trayectoria en Chile, relevó la importancia del reencuentro en dependencias de la embajada, refiriéndose a los proyectos premiados como "iniciativas de alta calidad, en distintas categorías y de mucho impacto para sus trabajadores y las comunidades en donde desarrollan sus actividades".

On the other hand, Victor Ide, president of the trade association with over 106 years in Chile, revealed the importance of this encounter that took place at the embassy, referring to the awarded projects as high-quality initiatives in multiple categories of vast impact for the collaborators and the communities where they are implemented.

Forecasting System

The model consists of and algorithm that uses multiple input variables that affect the operation of renewable power plants either in a major or a minor way. This Machine Learning algorithm is trained with large volumes of historical data consisting of real conditions, allowing the model to predict future behaviours.

This development helps our clients comply with the current norm requirements as well as by providing useful information for operation planning and maintenance. The Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional also takes advantage of this information, since it plays a key role in the system’s future operation allowing to optimize in economic, security and environmental terms.

Currently, EnorChile oversees approximately 1800 MW in solar and wind power forecasts. This system has shown great potential for growth within the national and international markets, wherever renewable energy power plants are operational.


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