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A strategic partner focused on the client, for the supply and management of energy

This 100% Chilean company with almost twenty years of experience in the market, supplies energy in its different forms, especially to customers in the industrial and mining sectors, from Calama to the Los Angeles area, and with plans to expand to the Region of The lakes. With its origins in the old Norte Grande Interconnected System, today the company is the main independent control center for solar and wind NCRE plants in our country.

“We are an innovative company, with a young human team, who find here a space to develop and grow professionally. Proof of this is that our collaborators generally have a long tenure with us”, highlights Pablo Caerols, general manager of EnorChile, who is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Chilean Association of Renewable Energies and Storage (ACERA A.G.). The professional adds: "EnorChile's focus is to flexibly meet the needs of each of our clients, they are at the center of what we do."

EnorChile has been evolving along with the market, adapting and making its own the benefits that renewable energies are bringing, through its three main lines of business, both for wind and solar plants: operation of its two control centers for monitoring power plants own and third party, which are the units in charge of coordinating and operating a generation plant, maintaining direct communication with the National Electrical Coordinator; Asset Management service for assets of NCRE plants; and energy trading.

In the case of the control centers, which have state-of-the-art technology, the general manager highlights: "Practically 30% of the renewable energy that is installed in Chile -solar and wind- is operated from our control centers, which makes us by far the main player in this area in our country, as an independent operator of NCRE solar and wind power plants. And this year we should close it with contracts that involve the operation of more than 2 thousand megabytes, a very relevant figure in the national market”.

Through Asset Management, EnorChile provides a comprehensive service that includes commercial administration, operation and maintenance, with complete management optimization. In addition, incorporating innovations such as its process monitoring center, located in Santiago, which allows support to personnel on the ground, coordinating the operation and maintenance of power plants, lines and substations, also supervising, for example, regulatory compliance on safety and environmental issues.

The third service offered by EnorChile, the commercialization and trading of energy, mainly for mining and industrial clients, contemplates, among other things, analysis of the valuations of energy generated by a plant, recognized power, tolls and billing processes, also delivering the technical and commercial reports that customers require.

Within this framework, Pablo Caerols concludes: “We take care of all the requirements of our clients, integrating everything from energy marketing to field operations. In this way, they see in EnorChile a complete platform for carrying out their services”.


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