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November 2020 presents the cleanest energy matrix of the last two years

With an emissions factor close to 270 kgCO2e/MWh, the month that just passed has become one of the lowest in the last two years in the country. The public access portal is based on data from the National Electrical Coordinator and the reference emission factors of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Pablo Caerols explains that “according to the data analyzed by our team, the decrease in the factor is due to the greater participation of hydroelectric plants, compared to the same month last year (40% vs 31%); the important presence of solar and wind generation; and the decrease in coal and natural gas generation. This trend is repeated when compared to the average matrix of recent years and gives us an idea of ​​why November was particularly cleaner”. Regarding the beginning of the year to date, Gonzalo Iglesias, from the Business Intelligence team at EnorChile, highlighted a demand with almost no increase, around 0.26%, in relation to the same period of 2019, due in part to the effect of the pandemic. However, when making the same comparison in the case of total emissions, a decrease of around 3% is observed.


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