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EnorChile develops predictive generation models based on artificial intelligence for centers

This technology is already operating successfully and the company is beginning to generate a disruptive forecasting model in the Chilean electricity market.

Two predictive models for solar and wind generation were developed by the company EnorChile, which are based on multiple information variables, which feed algorithms based on artificial intelligence, which also improve as more data is obtained and their accuracy increases.

Miguel Salazar, Head of the Commercial Area of ​​EnorChile explained that “the wind is very difficult to predict, which is why we develop models that, with the incorporation of artificial intelligence, better project its behavior. We are the first 100% Chilean company, with this level of development and working with this type of system, which makes us very happy”.

The foregoing is added to the solar generation forecast, allowing companies to rely on local suppliers, who know the requirements of the national market, especially those of the National Electricity Coordinator (CEN).

“We want our Control Center clients, those with over 2,600 MW in installed capacity, to have the possibility of acquiring a complete service that meets all the requirements incorporated by the CEN. We have an excellent team, which is always at the forefront of technology, and thanks to them and their great work we are able to achieve this type of high-level product”, emphasized the Head of the Commercial Area of ​​EnorChile.

One of the great challenges presented by the electricity industry to achieve a greater penetration of renewable energies, according to Miguel Salazar, consists of accurately forecasting the load intake ramps of solar and wind power plants, "we are sure that developments based on in artificial intelligence are essential to achieve the increase of renewable energy in the system, for this reason we focus on improving our generation prediction systems”, said the executive.


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