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With the aim of addressing a joint work agenda and analyzing collaboration priorities for the renewable generation sector, the Minister of the Environment, Maisa Rojas, received in audience the Association of Renewable Energies and Storage (ACERA A.G.), represented by its Executive Director, Ana Lía Rojas, and part of its Board of Directors and Council, including Pablo Caerols, General Manager of EnorChile.

Returning to the short-term challenges of the energy transition, and mainly the goal of decarbonizing the electricity sector, was the central theme of the meeting with the government authority, where other relevant points were also raised, such as the urgency of good management and territorial organization for the development of renewable projects necessary for the withdrawal of thermal power plants, Green Taxes in the context of the current Tax Reform discussion, and the new Climate Change Framework Law and its importance for the energy sector, among others.

“We appreciate and value the willingness and interest of Minister Rojas to advance in pressing and necessary matters for our sector and that also have the same sense of urgency not only at the country level but also globally, always with the purpose of moving towards a transition fair, inclusive and sustainable energy”, commented Ana Lía Rojas.

For her part, Minister Maisa Rojas thanked the information shared by the Association and the space for dialogue to work together among all sectors. Likewise, he assured to review the highest priority issues, in conjunction with other sectoral portfolios if necessary.

Minister Rojas was accompanied at the meeting by the head of the Environmental Assessment Office, Sebastián Aylwin; while ACERA also attended in person, the directors Manuel Tagle and Pablo Caerols, and the directors and counselor, Paola Hartung, Andrea Armijo and Martín Valenzuela. The other members of the Board of Directors and Council were connected to the meeting electronically.


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